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Amateur Botanists, pharmaceutical,
Homeopathic, Medical Doctors, & ALL

Greetings! An invitation to WebExperts and CitizenScientists to this ScientificDataSourcing TypologyToolkit through TheInstituteForAdvancedStudiesInLifeSupport.com (circa 1990) and Zoomiverse Events to provide critical Self-Reporting from your public participation to find the existence of...TRUE MEDICINAL MARIJUANA FOR YOUR MEDICINAL NEEDS!

========================================================================================== TheMarijuanarsNeuralNetwork.com is reaching out to All Web Expertise, CitizenScientists for this
ScientificDataSourcing TypologyToolkit adventure to apply to a new, globally collaborative team for the
MarijuanaStatistics.INFO. 8 hours per week. Two (2), four (4) hour contributions per week. 5 weeks. 20 hours total.
For this contribution of your ScienceCertified Web Expertise, TheMarijuanarsNeuralNetwork.com will contribute
50% of the Full cost ($399.00) to your TypologyToolKit


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The Marijuana Comity Hour is combination of Science-certified conversation with great 'I was so stoned when...." stories, from Veterans, (NO WAR STORIES ASKED OR ANSWERED) Celebrities, Scientists, CEO's; Expert-Hobbyists, Marijuana Industry Leaders, Old School Friends from every walk of life; from every country and city in the world. There is not a more integrated Peoples on the planet.

Before applying, I should explain that I am one of the foremost original medicinal marijuana investigators. And my hypothesis today is that there is no such thing as medicinal marijuana.

My hypothesis in 1980, as the graduate student administrator for the Drug Enforcement Administration Schedule_1 license, at The School of Criminal Justice (Criminology), Department of Criminalistics (CSI), with the equipment Gas-Liquid Chromatography and Marijuana standards from The University of Mississippi (pot farm) as a 'Control'; that it was the cannabinoid profile, (discovered 67 at the time, now 100), that created the conditions for
proving exactly what real medicinal marijuana, truly is.
It is not the 'jacking-up' of THC to astronomical percentages, 10%, 20%, 30% which bastardizes the true term 'medicinal' and obfuscating and using sophistry to falsify medicinal and deceptively using the term 'recreational'.

This hypothesis was proven after founding the first Biotech Marijuana Company that became the 86th fastest growing company in the U.S. as ranked by INC. magazine. And founding TheInstituteForAdvancedStudiesInLifeSupport.com, the first NASA/Russian Space science consortium for Environmental quality in long-term space station Freedom(Now The International Space Station)
And analyzing 200,000 extremely detailed marijuana data packages from 100,000 participants (1982-1995), holding 17 patents
Phototron III

Why now ?

At 70 years old, long since retired, now is the first time marijuana is 'legal' in the U.S. and is, or soon to be legal in the rest of the world. No one has ever done, besides myself, a 200,000-marijuana data base and no one else has the previously, documented reputation, nor U.S. national recognition through 15 years of monthly advertising, in Playboy, Penthouse, HighTimes, Omni, Discover, Science, Time Out and City Limits in the U.K. and People magazine in Australia and nationally broadcast Television Infomercials.
and the know-how to do it once more. I would like this to be my last contribution to the science of Medicinal Marijuana before I depart.
Omni and Discover Magazines And science-certified experience from 100 Schools, Universities, Science Journals like Plant Cell Reports and my own NASA Test-bed Laboratory, growing the Outer-Space radiation Exposed from Space Station Freedom(1989) nor the previously documented computer expertise, and the know-how to do it once more. U.S. Navy Captain Richard Francis Gordon Jr. Gemini 11 (1966), Apollo 12 (1969) Second Astronaut to the moon, was my Liason to NASA and featured on my Television Informercials. I would like this to be my last contribution to the science of Medicinal Marijuana before I depart.

The broadcast is resolute to find 200,000 participants, willing to:
1. Get a laboratory Blood work-up & Vitals
2. Send the sample of the marijuana they 'believe' is the best 'medicine for Gas-Liquid Chromatographic Assay

(Not the unreliable Gas-Chromatography)
3. Fill out a daily, extremely specific,


Without this data base, Laboratory work, Gas-Liquid Chromatographic Assay of the full cannabinoid profile, and extremely defined

DATA BASE of 200,000

for full computerization, 'Recreational Marijuana' marketed and obfuscated as 'Medicinal Marijuana' will remain the joke-pot of today.

"The Secret Life Of Plants"
Extra Sensory Perception
Extra Sensory Profile
Extra Stupid Perception

There really is 'The Secret Life Of Plants'.
I proved this in my NASA laboratory and Agronomists have known by 'vectoring' sections of fields that a virus grows weaker the further it gets from its epicenter. Plants in one vector 'send chemical transmitters' via 'plant transpiration', i.e., the breathing and and water evaporation to further distant 'vectors' to 'get ready' for the virus. This is documented, well published, Journal Cited, Science-certified.

Marijuana, as a Schedule_1 prohibited substance was not listed as a stimulant, nor a depressive. It was identified as a rare: "hallucinogen", one of the reasons it does not 'combine' with other drugs when ingested.

Also, The state of Marijuana ingestion for Human beings is called: "An altered State of Consciousness"

Hypothesis : ESP: Extra Sensory Perception Can human beings, in 'the altered state of Consciousness of marijuana ingestion 'intuit'...
Hypothesis: ESP: Extra Sensory Profiling .....what, exactly, the cannabinoid Profile - the actual molecular proportionates to organize themselves and align to Pin-point an extremely specific human malady-Target and Alleviation'. Null Hypothesis: Extra Stupid Perception
*There is no such thing as Human Extra Sensory Perception helping with the science-certified Extra Sensory Profiling of the cannabinoid Profile to alleviate individual human maladies.

The technical term used by the National Security Agencies and well documented is: Remote Viewing. Watching a documentary: InternetNEWSNETwork.com/RemoteViewing will explain how to 'see into' the Marijuana plant. In my DEA laboratory in 1980, I got to use the equipment and technology to 'see' directly 'into' the plant. Can it be that only a Gas-Liquid Chromatographic Assay can 'see' into the plant ? The only way I see how to accelerate the knowledge we need to extend the science-certified 200,000 Data package computerization is to use the Human mind to 'see' exactly what we need to do for the plant to do its job, healing humanity. So, is it Extra Sensory or Extra Stupid ? Let's science-certified find out.
There is an 80/20 rule in business; that 80% of your income comes from 20% of your business. TheMarijuanaComityHour.com TheInstituteForAdvanced StudiesInLifeSupport.com, employs a process that filters out the 80% but allows only the 20% of dedicated and serious participants in a data base limited to 200,000 and pay well for the data, about EACH PARTICIPANT, and helps everyone !!!
HempSeedOil=>BioDiesel=>J8-JetFuel Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University In 2014 I sponsored, the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Senior, Aeronautical Engineering, Cap- Stone Project entitled: HempSeedOil=>BioDiesel=>J8-JetFuel
Using a revolutionary Biodiesel Transesterification reactor, developed at The University OF Connecticut, by Dr. Richard Parnas, to 'continuous flow' 100 gallons of BioDiesel in 24 hours in only a 4 cubic ft. foot-print. Under the watchful eye of Dr. Michael Fabian, (son of John McCreary Fabian NASA astronaut).

My Sponsorship with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and The University of Connecticut; and CTEC: A Diesel Technical School, I proved that HempSeedOil=>BioDiesel=>J8-JetFuel
a practical alternative to Fossil fuel.
Dr.BioDiesel for Jet Fuel Project


I went to CHINA in the GUANGZHOU province from Hong Kong in 1988 for a very particular type of Hemp only they
grew locally that had a particularly
SOFT HEMP FIBER. It was seen as useless because the HEMP FIBER was not suitable for Coarse rope and other industrial HEMP FIBER products. I found this fiber in an obscure paper indicating that this was NOT the way to produce 'viable' HEMP.
Magazine Ads
But, for me, the long trip was to find, buy and export this particularly fine fiber from CHINA to ITALY, using its particularly soft fiber for BLENDING WITH SILK, COTTON, WOOL, CASHMERE, and the SOFTEST BLANKET you have ever felt on your skin!

I imported my designs from ITALY to the U.S. and sold them successfully. TODAY, HEMP FIBER of a particular softness can be TISSUE-CULTERED (no GMO) in my laboratory in the U.S. and blended here.My favorites are my 'EISENOWER JACKET' and my AMERICAN FLAG SWEATER that I wear on my Broadcasts.

As a VietNam veteran, rated by the VA with 100% disability, from the original spinal injuries and being doused with Agent Orange, having been assigned to The Special Forces, Naval Advisory Group (NAG), Special Operation's, River Patrol Boat base, Cam Rhan: One of the last "Brown Water Black Berets" The moto for the Viet Nam Vets:
Never again will one generation of Veteran's Abandon Another.

NAG was Directly under my commanding Officer, Admiral Zumwalt. If you want to know more, Read: My Father My Son, detailing his River Patrol Boat Captain, son, dying from agent orange related cancer, Admiral Zumwalt dying of agent orange related cancer and his grandson's third generation exposure.


Admiral Zumwalt
was the only flag officer to champion the recognition of Agent Orange. He was also the one who ordered its use on the "Brown Rivers". You don't have to enlighten me about the benefits of Medicinal Marijuana for PTSD. And you don't have to motivate me, being one of the 300,000 Viet Nam Veteran's left, from the 3,000,000 Vets who were 'boots-on-the- ground'.

The junk the industry pawns off for PTSD as 'medicinal' is a fraud and has no relation to the so-called marketing term 'medicinalmarijuana' that has been bastardized by the industry worth billions of dollars, none of which is funding a 200,000 data base

If you are not fully committed to finding out, from the result of helping to generate a science-certified data base of 200,000 contributors, please do not apply.

Just, all best regards to you, anyway.

In closing, I should tell you that as a graduate student at University of Illinois, DEA, Schedule_1 laboratory I was awarded the coveted account on ARPANET, before the WWW[dot] was invented in 1981 and re-educated at the Super-Computer Laboratory; University of California San Diego (1997): my academic mentor having built one of the first 500 domains on the WWW[dot].

It would be a privilege to work with your great expertise, but , if your commitment comes from just the tremendous amounts of money being generated by the industry, and not your consuming interest in this science-certified, 200,000 participant, medicinal marijuana data- base , to determine, absolutely what the exact medicinal marijuana, how it can be targeted to alleviate your malady, as specific as in your little toe, on your left foot , you will most likely not be committed nor enjoy the pressure placed upon your great web expertise.

My outdoor JJDMarijuanary, and indoor biotech laboratories reside in the eco-system and micro-climate in the middle of the famous, award winning wine country in the Santa Rita Mountains, 5,000 feet above sea level and the center of migration patterns in Arizona is named:
Serenity: A sanctuary for Buds, Birds, Bees, Butterflies, Beer, Flowers, Fragrance, Fisheries, Wine and Wildlife Refuge.

My techniques for Indoor Laboratory Analysis Was developed by me over 15 year career In my NASA-TEST BED Laboratory in Plant Science, with many Science Journal publications. My outdoor techniques are Based upon the Great Luther Burbank, Who Russet Burbank potato was invented to help with the devastating famine in Ireland. Gregor Mendel, George Washington Carver And William Frederick Gericke and so many other organic botanists.
Research ProposalsGrowing Plants Pyraponemetrically
Do you know why the best coffee and wines in the world are grown high in the mountains and why my JJDMarijuanary is 5,000 feet? Because the Oxygen is 'thinner' causing the plant to 'work harder' and achieve Greatness. Do you know why 'the more pollen' the plant receives outdoors is best? because of The diversity of nature's effect. Laboratory work & analysis completes Mother Natures organic effects.

P.S. For Web Experts and CitizenScientists, the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of Medicinal Marijuana, yourself. And the infinite opportunity to join with a bona fide expert,
the riches the Medicinal Marijuana affords. And, where legal, I can offer another type of bounty from the first of its kind,
The JJDMarijuanary,
Serenity: A sanctuary for Buds, Birds, Bees, Butterflies, Beer, Flowers, Fragrance, Fisheries, Wine and Wildlife Refuge dedicated to the science-certified development of The Real Medicinal Marijuana. Potential Therapeutic Uses of Medical Marijuana
15 Years - 160 Million Views
19 Wineries Cannot Be Wrong in The Finest Microclimate:  
  • 1 Dos Cabezas WineWorks 2 Arizona Hops And Vines 3. Autumn Sage Vineyards 4. Deep Sky Vineyard 5. Wilhelm Family Vineyards 6 Lightning Ridge Cellars 7 Rancho Rossa Vineyards 8 Flying Leap Vineyards 9 Canelo Hills Vineyard And Winery 10 Sonoita Vineyards 11 Kief-Joshua Vineyard 12 Village Of Elgin Winery 13 Callaghan Vineyards 14 Four Monkey Wines 15 Hannah's Hill Vineyard 16 Rune Wines 17 Charron Vineyards 18 Dark Mountain Brewery And Winery 19 Lightning Ridge Cellars
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